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What Will Become of Australia by J. Burrell

Christian themes: This is an amazing revelation though the warning is that it may be a bit heavy (intense) for sensitive personalities. If you are interested in prophecy grab a copy while you are here. Make a Word document out of it and you will have a permanent record.

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If you are in a hurry go straight to Excerpts.

NB: There appears to be a number of  revelations (dreams, visions and prophecies) possibly given by The Lord to born-again Christians from a number of different church groups in Australia, commencing to appear in the early 1970s, about an invader in the South Pacific. Not a great number of revelations by-any-means but enough to create interest in those who collect prophecies.
No date for the event seems to have been mentioned by anyone who claims to have received a revelation. Mostly all we might get from The Lord is a look at an “approaching season”. An era when things might occur? It is now 2018 and I am thinking that such an event, if it is going to occur, may belong to another decade though to be alert and praying for Australia is always wise.
As previously stated (and to make it clear once again) “As with all prophecies we simply have to wait and see if the prophecy is genuine? Some prophecies turn out to be false. Some may have errors”.
We write about dreams, visions and prophecies because people claim to have received them. We spread such dreams, visions and prophecies around because it gives us a chance to encourage prayer about possible future events.
Generally with prophecies we note the content of the prophecy and store the content away for future reference. We continue to pray for Australia, especially for Christian Revival in order to receive Gods Help with any possible threats. If you want to pray for Australia pray that Gods Hand will protect Australia and that the people will turn back to Jesus Christ. If we are on Gods side of the fence, He is on ours.
In 2018 Jacks prophecy is just over 40 years old. Some more mature Christians from the 1970s and 1980s regard Jacks revelation as a benchmark on the subject. Even today Jacks amazing revelations still get talked about amongst the Christian community of Australia.
Interestingly some of Jacks (smaller) Words of Knowledge appear to be happening? I've coloured-in the “happening now” sections in purple.
Excerpts”.  from Jack Burrell's book begin…….

“Several years ago, I arose early in the morning, in the dark hours, to spend an hour in prayer and supplication with The Lord, as was my custom (The Lord when He was upon this earth, used to go out early in the morning and pray, so how much more do we need to do so). Having prayed I returned to my bed again, and went off to sleep. Perhaps I had not been asleep long before The Lord began to speak to me by way of a vivid dream showing me something of what will become of Australia. The dream came to me in two distinct parts.

I saw a vision of a great map of the world spread out on a wall before me. The map was a white background with the outlines of the countries in black, very plain and very clear. As I looked in wonder at this great map, I was amazed to notice that a filling in was slowly taking place of certain countries, in black colour.

What I saw reminded me of the pictures we used to see in our newspapers during the War when the Axis Powers were encroaching on countries, and each day their advance was indicated by filled in areas. I saw the blackness begin to fill in at the Northern end of India, and slowly move down until all of India was black. The black mass kept on moving and spreading, taking in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and all of Burma, and continuing down to fill in Malaya, and Sumatra and Borneo, on through Java and all of Indonesia, including West Irian.
Then as Papua and New Guinea filled in, so also did the Northern end of Australia, and Australia slowly filled in right down to a line across the continent from North West Cape in the West to Cape Byron in the East. Here the filling in halted, and remained, leaving less than half of Australia not filled in. What I saw was the invasion of Australia by an alien force, and as I watched this revelation taking place I was somewhat relieved to see the invaders stop at Byron Bay for my own home was at Ballina, only a few miles South.
The vision was so real.
The map of the world faded away as I looked, and in my dream I was left thinking about it all, and I was telling myself that away in the far distant future, some day such a thing would happen, but not in my day. And I reasoned like this with myself until I was startled to find myself an actual participant in yet another vision even more vivid than the one I had just seen.
A vision in a dream sent to me, I believe, to settle in my thinking a time factor, not in some far off day, but somewhere within my normal life span. I could be alive, and aware of the very invasion in actual time.
Nowhere up to date have I been shown the identity of the invaders. Some people have speculated that they are Russian, or Chinese, or Japanese, or that Islam is to arise in Arabia, and extend its Empire right down to Australia. But I would not like to say anything until it was clearly revealed.

In this second part of the dream I found myself to be out somewhere in the more Western and arid area of New South Wales or Queensland. It was outback country. I noticed the trees, all small like shrubs, Myall or Gidgea, low and scattered, as far as the eye could see. The air was full of rising dust, caused by the movement of stock, mostly cattle.
And there was the noise of cattle, and of stock men, and their dogs barking. I noticed that all the movement was in a Southward direction, and they were hurrying. Then I noticed people walking, and stopping to shelter with children in the scanty shade of the small trees because of the heat of the day. As I stood there looking at this unusual sight, a vehicle of the Australian Army forces drove up to me, and one of the occupants, an officer, spoke to me and said, “Get out of here as quickly as you can. We expect a battle to take place right here today in this area”...unquote.
Jack had other revelations from The Lord during this period associated with his “invader vision” here is a list of events straight from “What will become of Australia” …page 20. There would be a time coming when…quote,
“People will lose faith in authority
, and a breakdown will take place in attitudes leading to open rebellion against all forms of government. With the build-up of perplexity, and the breakdown of morale, will come a general falling away as we have never envisaged, reaching into homes, and schools, and places of employment, and clubs, and churches, and governments. Iniquity will abound at a rate hitherto undreamed of, and as the scripture says, ‘Evil men shall wax worse and worse’.
A last ditch stand shall be made for material security by many people, and at any cost, by any means, and across the whole strata of society many people shall be trodden under the feet of so-called neighbours, and so-called friends. Greed and avarice will be like a consuming bush fire taking all before it, in big business, and mono-polising combines. But the Lord Himself will see to it that the righteous are fed, and clothed, and not lacking in any good thing. They shall be a wonder to the wicked, and a help to the poor and needy. They shall rejoice in the goodness of The Lord.

Demonic powers shall be evident as some people will yield themselves to strange forces
, causing others to be deceived by them, whose destruction will come upon them from the powers that bind them. But all power which is not of God will utterly fail before The Name of the Lord, and any person who calls on The Name of The Lord shall be delivered. Lust is going to be like a great epidemic spreading out through the nation, leaving a trail of sorrow, and broken lives in its wake. It will not be safe for any girl, or woman, to be on their own. Sex will be emphasised through every medium possible, to gain and warp the imaginations of people, both young and old. Adultery will not be regarded as sin, and unfaithfulness will not be seen for what it is, a vow made to God, broken asunder. But The Lord will sanctify His people, and in the midst of corruption show them forth to principalities, and powers, as the Perfection of His Grace.

There will be a strange fear stalking the land, driving many to consume alcohol and take drugs, or do anything in order to escape its darksome shadow. It will come upon people, bringing with it, heart attacks, nervous breakdowns, and all manner of sickness. Hospitals will not be able to cope with the sick and dying.
There will be many victims of violence, as crime, rape and godlessness abound.

Famine is going to sweep the country, and right here in Australia there are going to be those who will (suffer from lack of food). The famine will not be caused by droughts alone, although there will be strange weather behaviour bringing loss to rural areas, but the real cause will be political bungling and greed. Farmers will not be able to provide food because of a great fuel shortage, and transport difficulties.
Implements and machinery will lie in the fields and food will waste away.
At this time world politics (and powers) will be involved with the affairs of Australia. There are to be three great kingdoms on the earth who will rise in splendour to outshine each other. They will be like the sun, the stars and the moon as they shine. Out of those kingdoms shall come a force like a terrible dust storm, showing itself stronger and stronger, until all is engulfed by it.
It will take country after country until Australia is reached, and half of Australia is taken.
Right now, at this present time, there are
men of dark countenances*
gathering to plan, and to scheme, and to share their ideas for the fall, and the take-over of Australia. They are absolutely ruthless. They are not concerned about their own lives. They want to kill, and cause destruction. As the scripture says, “their feet are quick to shed blood”.
They are gathering now. They are strengthening their positions. They are making ready to go to war with lands that are like unwalled cities, and defenceless against them.
Their dark secret is to take all before them. But The Lord knows their secret, and desires to broadcast it from the rooftops, and make it known, for the sake of the righteous, and because of His mercy towards all who will turn to Him, before it is too late.
When these things start to come to pass people living in the Northern half of Australia will flee to the South to shelter from the invader. Some will flee because they will take warning from The Lord, and others because of fear. The accommodation of so many will be a terrific problem, and how to feed them will be another.
There will be a programme of conscription of manpower and woman power, whipped up by the government bodies for the defence of the country. As the invaders encroach further and further, the more intense the conscription will become, until only the young, and the old escape. When the invaders have finally taken possession of all of the northern half of Australia from its most easterly point to its most westerly point, a perimeter will be set up, and the advance of the invaders will be stayed because of some world political compromise being reached among world powers.
And the invaders will keep the Northern half of Australia, and populate it with people of their own choice.
The Southern part of Australia will be governed by
a communist style government
, and all land, and all property will be owned by the state. Farmers from the North will have to work land along with farmers in the South to provide food for the people.
All people will have to do as they are told, and will be oppressed by a police system empowered to make arrests, or kill without trial, for the slightest law infringement. There will be no substantial peace, or freedom again in Australia, until that day when The Lord Jesus Christ shall return with power and glory to rule the world in righteousness.

This is where the "Word of Wisdom" ceased, and I was left speechless.

This was so final and so devastating that I wondered if there were any hope left anywhere. I am sure there is", unquote.


(* planners in other countries who plot to overthrow Australia).

If any of this unnerves you then perhaps you need to take it to Jesus. 'Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid' (John 14:27).
Why not confess your sins to God and ask God to forgive you. Invite Jesus into your life simply believing that HE died on the Cross for your sins and that GOD Raised HIM from the dead and become saved.

The happiest days of my life were amongst born-again Christians in lively Christian churches.

Jacks book (titled above and from 1974) appears to pre-date any work of fiction in the modern era regarding an invader to Australia (there has been a number of interesting books on the concept of an invader to Australia since those early days. "Tomorrow: When the War Began" being one of the more popular children's book series on the subject).
Jack's book is not a work of fiction but Jack's own description of a two-part vision and Words of Knowledge from The Lord Jesus Christ.

Jack and his revelations are a bit of a legend in parts of the Christian churches of Australia. In the 1970's and 1980's Jack's book travelled far and wide throughout the more charismatic Christian churches (Assembly of God, Christian Outreach Centres etc.) and was on sale in many Christian bookshops. Many Christians have become aware of Jacks revelations through Jacks efforts and have been encouraged to pray for Australia. 
I even came across a Christian lady in Sydney back in the 1990s who remembered the very day Jacks book was handed out to her congregation in the late 1970s. How amazing, they thought. Jacks book has been out of print for some many years though many copies undoubtedly exist on Christian bookshelves all over Australia. 



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  2. Hi
    I read in one of your blogs that you still have copies of Jacks book. Is it possible to obtain one?

    1. Hi John, Put up an address and as soon as I get it I will note it and then delete it from the page. The copies I have are old, some are water stained. I will see if I can get you a good copy.

    2. Or perhaps your mobile phone number?

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    4. Sure. I will send you a couple of copies:)

    5. First I read it about the book and the prophecy yesterday - 11th November 2016!. Am shocked - then again we already have problems with Islam in Australia and the fact the govt want to bring in 25000 Muslim refugees into the country in February. Where they will live no idea. We already have thousands of homeless and unemployed who need to be taken care of first. s

      Is it possible to get a copy of the book at all?
      Thank you.

    6. Hi Chris. Thanks for your comments. I have some copies of Jacks book. Its been out of print many years, though innumerable copies will still exist amongst the churches. What I do with someone who wants a book is to ask that you put up your address or a phone number I can message you, to get your postal address. I leave the response on the blog long enough to get the information then I delete your address or phone number so no one gets it. Graeme

  3. Hi, There are copies still available from members of the family. They are not too hard to find (the family that is). There is also a 'follow up' book that is less well know. I do know that Jack's wife keep sending them out to whom ever requested them, though she is past that these days, living in a nursing home in Sydney (89 the other day).
    Try Bill Burrell in Toowoomba.

    1. Thanks for the info. I dont know if I will do much more research into Jack Burrell. I have enough for a short story for a publisher (casual story of course). I have been at the 'Jack Burrell' project since 1989 and have gotten a bit tired. It was good to hear about Jacks wife. God bless her real good. You too friend:)

  4. I didn't know that you were still around Mature Age Christian. :)

    I know these things are coming soon.

    I have a friend who has invader dreams. But the invader are Indonesia with Chinese support/money.

    We live in Brisbane. I've seen other stuff that says Brisbane is likely to get hit by an earthquake/volcano and the Gold Coast with a tsunami.

    I assume that will come before the invasion.

    My friend's dream was paratroopers and little kids being shot at the pool. Horrific stuff but revival should come first.

  5. Hi Bridget. I've been around on "Burrell" since 1989. Haven't stopped work yet:) Been all over the world with Jacks vision. I've heard of the Gold Coast wave. Nothing on Indonesia though. Something may happen around, or just after, Donald Trumps inauguration? There's been some "words" in the churches about trouble within our culture around about then. The churches are still waiting for answers from The Lord.

  6. I remember many churches had copies of jacks book on a table at back of church..along with a warning from the Trinitarian bible society whose booklet was warning Australian Christians about the coming flood of new bible versions. attacking The K.J.V.Authorised bible version which can be proved is the incorruptible word of God without any faults.The only true word of had many verses to compare in future bibles with the K.J.V...such as 1John5;7..2corinth2;17...Mathew17;21 and so on..a few hundred were included in their pamphlet...Certainly true warning we did not heed...Burrells book and the Trinitarian society's were accepted as truth then but as things changed and good churches such as the A.O.G.were infiltrated by deceivers and false ministries.The a.o.g.began teaching Hermanutics in its bible colleges which was called textual criticism and that course did nothing more than attack the K.J.V.BIBLE encouraging the churches to embrace the corrupt bibles...PSALM12;6-7...was the Trinitarian society rule for bible truths...did the versions agrre with the .k.j.v for reasons seen in the text...muslim religion is the group invading seen in last 30 years of growth..but Islaam needs to be studied with Jack Chicks magazine The Prophet and/or Sabotage ...and the truth will be easily for the burrell book being false...lets discuss it again.In light of what is really happening in Australian churches.christian music/bookstores ect will be very enlightening to those who can take truth...and all can be proved....

  7. I'm with you on the KJV (its the original and the best) and I support the Jack Chick magazines mentioned. I've got a few. When I first read Jack Burrell's vision I believed it straight away. What else could I do? The vision doesn't beat around the bush. Its simple and to the point. I see the invader not so much Islam but coming from the far east. Thanks for your input. I enjoyed your words. Bless you brother.